Wednesday 14 August 2013

Book review:Indian Polity by M Laxmikanth

This is a wonderful book written in a lucid style. The Laxmikanth’s book is easy to understand and is updated regularly. The book starts with history of our constitution. It gives a brief account of the makers of our constitution. In case history makes you sick, leave the beginning part for a while and start with the rest. There is a table which showcases “Schedules of constitution at a glance”, it will be very easy to decode the book if you keep this table in mind. Now and then come back to this table while reading it. This will help in organising the content of book.

 It would be nice if you can read the book keeping in mind the current affairs. The lokpal topic may be relevant in certain years, while the trending topic may be CAG in another year and so on. In GS there is vertical as well as horizontal integration of topics. So you can put the stuff you learn here in topics that may not seem be directly linked to it. Eg: In a question of environmental protection, you can bring in the directive principles (Art 48A). In a question on de-addiction, Art 47 can be remembered.

If the relevance of the topics is understood, the learning process can be simplified. There are certain landmark cases (Kesavananda bharti,Maneka), amendments(42nd) etc which are highly important. Most beginners won’t be aware of these things. As a result the learning process becomes tedious. And by the time they recognise it, the time is up.Understanding the similarities between topics will reduce your workload. If you look the different sections in the polity eg: President’s with Governer’s or that of State legislature with Loksabha you can find that there are many similarities. Recognising these patterns will make the learning easier.

There is a NCERT book on polity, constitution of India, which is also a must read. It clears certain basic doubts and brings clarity of thought on the subject.

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Plz give me more books review

Ram said...

This was a helpful article indeed.

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